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A lightweight and easy to use RTSP, RTMP, MJPEG and HLS camera viewer for iOS devices.

Simple Stream Viewer

OXCam is a free and easy to use video viewer specifically designed for RTSP, RTMP and HTTP video streams. It is able to play audio and video streams from most cctv security cameras and other online video sources. Standard rtsp video codecs are supported, like h.264, mpeg4, mjpeg and many more.

Full Screen Display

OXCam provides a nice full screen layout with zoom capabilities. You every detail of your surveillance cameras will be visible.

Supported Video Formats

OXCam supports a wide range of surveillance camera protocols.


  • RTSP
  • RTMP
  • HLS
  • FLV
  • h.264

OVOCam runs on every iOS Device starting from iOS 11.0.

  • iCloud Sync
  • Import Camera Settings
  • Export Camera Settings
  • Always On Display


Backward Compatibility

OXCam is backward compatible down to iOS 11.0. That means you can use your old and deprecated devices for monitoring.

New features such as iCloud Sync is available only for newer devices from iOS13 till now.


You can reach our developers easy and simple by writing a nice text. 

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  • Bug Reports
  • HowTo

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OXCam is free.

OXCam Version 1.0 | 2023

This project will be permanently maintained and updated.